Monday, August 23, 2010


Went to iOSDevCamp 2010 this past weekend. Must say that it's always a blast going to these things. Nothing like spending an entire weekend coding an app that could end up being something brilliant (or equally terrible), with people you don't even know. Thankfully, with John Ellenich (from as my partner in crime for the weekend, we managed to churn out an amazing app in just two days.

Enter DIODE. It's a simple, yet addicting game. The best kind. All you have to do is trace your finger along a path that's lit up, but the time you're given gets progressively faster and faster. You can see me demoing it here. I failed hard on the second level, but it was on purpose! I swear!

I did all the coding, while John did all the artwork, music, and robotic voiceovers. Good designers are key for great apps.

One last thing I should mention is about the multiplayer I managed to squeak in at the last second. It's got the remnants of the ideals that I tried to put in Whorl'd Champions: Many people, many hands, one screen. The majority of the games on the iPad are still just single player or online multiplayer, and I don't get why. Even one of the other teams making a game, xTanks had a similar idea. There are a lot of big game companies out there making apps for iOS devices that could be doing this. Get cracking!

As for DIODE itself, it'll be in the app store as soon as it's polished up a bit more. Hope you'll buy it and show single-screen multiplayer games some love!