Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I suppose everything needs a purpose, and as such, so does this blog.

What would this blog serve you ask? More than likely merely just notes of the day to day things that pique my interest. The brain and how it wanders is an interesting thing, you see. But as it wanders and explores the world, it forgets what finds in an instant. Hopefully, this blog will attempt to capture what crosses my mind as I explore the world in all of it's glory.

Note to self: The language in that previous paragraph is hilarious. It's uppity, pretentious, and probably what I thought visitors would expect in a objective statement.

Anyways, don't expect much out of this blog. It'll probably end up be nothing more than word vomit, spewing endlessly forth from my brain. Edit nothing! Leave all for history to see! This blog is more likely just a conversation with myself, past, present, and future.

Note again: Considering that this will probably be seen by all future employers (Google is the all-seeing eye, with an all-access pass to everyone), I'll probably keep the usual day-to-day razzmatazz out of the way. I'm not that kind of person anyways.

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