Sunday, June 21, 2009

LikeHate: Multiple Monitors

I am a big fan of big workspaces, where you can spread out to an extent where everything is everywhere. My office (read: my room) is a very big representation of this fact. Everything I need is spread out within a 270 degree arc of myself; I have desks in front, to the side, and to the back. Just a few small sections are open to get out of this interactive jail cell.

So it's no wonder that I use a plethora of monitors to accentuate this workspace. At the time of this writing, I have four monitors hooked up to my main computer, which is a boon for debugging; there's about million different things that can give vital feedback to me, and I need them to be visible at all times. In addition to these main four, I still have my laptop, and although I haven't yet hooked up another monitor to that laptop (not enough space right now), it brings me to a whopping potential of 6 screens to give feedback and/or to work off of.

It's a feedback overload made for an informational junkie like me.

So what's there not to love?

Well, unlike the hand, the mouse is not a full extension of the human body. The only feedback of the location of the mouse is a tiny arrow floating around the screen. If you lose visual track of your mouse, you're really left in the dust for a couple seconds, shaking and waving the mouse around in hopes of finding that little arrow again.

I'm not sure if it's even possible to lose track of your own hand. You can directly point at any object from any position with little forethought. Pointing at something with your hand is usually faster than pointing with your mouse. Unfortunately, most consumer computers don't exactly have point to screen technology yet, so this is something people have to live with.

A bigger follow-up problem is of intention; the mouse is your eyes/hands for the computer. It determines what the computer thinks you're currently interacting with, and when there's a disconnect between what you're intending to do and what the computer thinks you're intending to do, disaster ensues. Try typing random gibberish into IDA Pro, and see if you can recover from the holocaust you just blasted onto your assembly code.

The problem's source lies in the fact that the visual cues for these context switches are not especially jarring, making it easy to mistake whether one has actually registered their intention with the computer first. Under single monitor situations where the user usually only has one window open at a time, switching to another window is represented by the entire screen changing to the target window. The user is given the undeniable feedback that the computer has registered the action. However, in multiple monitor situations, the possibility of components not being hidden under by others is much higher. If I switch to one of the other open windows, the only major feedback is the title bar becoming highlighted. This feedback is very minimal and can be easily overlooked or forgotten.

A solution for this is not necessarily very simple; just darkening the whole contents of non-active windows defeats the purpose of having multiple monitors. Adding additional audio/visual cues on context switch could be potentially annoying, and I don't exactly know how long it takes for an audio/visual cue to be ingrained inside the user to the point where the absence of the cue will be a cue in itself.


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